In the land of Fen'Dalin there lay 4 great civilizations. That of the elves (Tauron), that of the dwarves (Veinmire), that of the humans (Bromis), and the fabled lands of the Dragons, hidden deep in the Northern spires of the Ciy mountains. These civilizations have lived in harmony for millenia, each one drawing off the strength of the others. The knowledge of the elves, the strength and determination of the dwarves, and the cunning and unpredictability of the humans providing for a formidable force against those that would try to usurp this land. The leaders of these 3 peoples work in tandem, always ready to help or defend, always ready to provide assistance or friendship, it was a perfect world… Until the dawn of the Dark Emperor. The son of the Human king Lloyd Grafton wanted power for himself, he had no desire for treaties or pacts. "Why not take the land for themselves?"  He would ask his father. Jun Grafton became paranoid, wondering if his son truly meant the horrible things he spoke. In a council with Anduin (High Priest of the Elves) and Gnul (The Dawnmarter of the Dwarves) Jun spoke his worries about his son. The High Council decided to take the upmost precaution and  wipe the mind of the young Lloyd. Anduin took Lloyd back with him to the spires of Heldauren deep in the forests of Tauron. There he performed the magic required to erase the memory of Lloyd and give him a fresh start as a forest monk learning the ways of peace and kindness, but that was not all that he started… The weakened mind of Lloyd Grafton was easily susceptible to corruption and soon the darkness overcame him. Throwing him into a seiszre so intense it broke every bone in his body, the darkness came quickly and effectivley turning the young prince into something so dark, so dangerous that even Anduin the High Priest of the Elven kind, the strongest mage known to exist could not match it's power. Now adventurer, do you dare enter this land? You will find peril, you will find evil, but if you preserver you will find glory.

Flames of Azinoth